Creative Minds

Creative Minds adult day program is designed to create a social/vocational model program that promotes an environment where people with disabilities are given opportunities to participate in and make choices regarding how they spend their day with the goal of maximizing independence.

Creative Minds is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that provides supports and services through its facility in Van Nuys and throughout the local and neighboring communities.  The program is licensed through the Community Care Licensing to provide services for individuals with developmental disabilities with a staff to participant ratio of one staff member to six people.  Creative Minds provides a six-hour service day which entails various on-site classes as well as community inclusion/participation, volunteerism and recreational activities.  Creative Minds also provides services to increase participants’ self-advocacy and social skills to ensure a favorable quality of life for each person served.

The organization’s overall philosophy is to create an atmosphere where people with developmental disabilities have the opportunity to develop and experience, to the best of their ability, a pattern of life similar to people without disabilities.